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Lithium Universe - Letter to shareholders, Chairman's vision

Dear Lithium Universe Limited Shareholder

I am writing to introduce myself and also share with you my vision for your company, Lithium Universe Limited (ASX code LU7). I am extremely excited to be a part of your new company and the new direction. I believe that we can achieve great things together. In this letter, I would like to present an overview of my vision for Lithium Universe Limited and share some of the ideas I have in mind to achieve our goals. The name of your new company, "Lithium Universe Limited," is a cheeky reminder to the lithium industry that we can do it all again.

Let me begin by providing some background on my experience and why I was chosen to lead your new Company. I am considered a pioneer in the modern lithium industry, and after a ten-year hiatus, I have returned to spearhead this exciting venture. Over twenty years ago, I was one of the first Australian mining executives to recognize the potential of the emerging lithium-ion battery industry. I led Galaxy Resources Limited (Galaxy) and I built the Mt Cattlin Spodumene Project (137,000 tpa of spodumene product) and the downstream Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate Project (with a capacity of 17,000 tpa). This was the first large-scale vertically integrated, mine-to-battery-grade lithium carbonate, project in the world. During my tenure, I also headed the acquisitions by Galaxy of the James Bay Spodumene Project in Canada and the Sal de Vida Brine Project in Argentina. I left Galaxy in August 2013.

For more information, download the attached PDF.

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