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Lepidico - Caesium product development expands offtake options

• Caesium sulphate process refined to make catalyst quality chemicals
• Strong demand for caesium carbonate and hydroxide has led Lepidico to leverage its pioneering L-Max® work to develop process steps for manufacturing these high value chemicals from lepidolite
• Caesium sulphate, carbonate and hydroxide catalyst applications lead to reduced energy consumption and higher yields, that should help offset a material proportion of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions
• Provisional patent application lodged for the manufacture of ternary Cs-Rb-K catalyst compounds from lithium mica minerals
• Caesium market conditions predicted to become extremely tight in 2022 as a size producer ceases operations

Lepidico Ltd (ASX:LPD) (“Lepidico” or “Company”), an innovative developer of sustainable chemicals for twenty-first century industry, has reached a significant milestone that demonstrates it can produce catalyst grade caesium compounds. Samples of both caesium sulphate and caesium hydroxide have been generated and are in the process of being dispatched for customer assessment. Further samples of caesium hydroxide are also in the process of being manufactured.

Consumers have advised that the caesium market is on the cusp of significant tightening as one of just two size producers of caesium chemicals globally ceases production due to depletion of a major pollucite raw material feed source. Lepidolite is a viable alternative source of caesium when processed using Lepidico’s proprietary hydrometallurgical technologies, developed over the past eight years. Conventional roasting of lithium mica concentrates does not generate valuable byproducts, with metals such as caesium and rubidium being lost to process waste. 

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