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Empire Oil & Gas NL, Approval to Drill Dunnart-2, EP437, North Perth Basin, Western Australia

Empire Oil & Gas NL (“Empire”) as Operator of Exploration Permit EP437 is pleased to announce that the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has granted Approval to Drill the Dunnart-2 exploration well.

The Operator will drill Dunnart-2 once it has negotiated and finalised the following:

-  Executed a Land Access Agreement reflecting the agreed terms with the landowner;
-  Obtained any Approvals as required with the local shire for the installation of the drilling camp;
-  Awarding of the services contracts required to carry out the drilling programme; and
-  Executed the agreed terms of the Drilling Contract.

In this regard Drilling Contractors of Australia (DCA) has allocated their DCA Rig 7 to Empire to drill Dunnart-2.

Empire is actively pursuing these matters and when completed will provide the time frame for commencement of drilling operations.

The Dunnart-2 oil prospect play style consists of a fault dependent closure located updip from the Dunnart-1 well, which had oil shows. The well has a total depth of 670 metres. The primary reservoir objective is the Bookara Sandstone sealed by the Triassic aged Kockatea Shale.

There is provision in the Dunnart-2 drilling programme to conduct an open hole drill stem test upon recording live oil shows while drilling.

For further information please download PDF below:

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