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Elixinol Global - Appendix 3Y - Paul Benhaim

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.19A.2, Elixinol Global Limited (Elixinol or the Company) provides an Appendix 3Y for Mr Paul Benhaim.

The Company refers to the market announcement on 17 June 2020 confirming that Raw with Life Pty Ltd (Raw with Life), a company controlled by Elixinol Global founder and Non-Executive Director, Mr Paul Benhaim entered into a margin loan facility (Loan Facility) with Equities First Holdings LLC (Equities First). To secure repayment of any loan under the Loan Facility, Mr Benhaim confirmed that he intended to transfer up to 17,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares in Elixinol (Secured Shares) to Equities First as security for loans under the Loan Facility. Mr Benhaim has now completed the second tranche of Secured Shares to Equities First, being 8,000,000 shares in Elixinol.

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