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Central Petroleum Ltd, Company Presentation Update

Achievements Since Listing

- Drilled 5 conventional wells, four with oil shows with one (Surprise-1 REH) a c.400 BOPD discovery, the 5th, Ooraminna-2 is a gas discovery of up to 2 TCFG in place, awaiting possible further stepouts and unconventional drilling development

- Drilled 9 coal wells and delineated probably the world’s biggest coal tonnage at 100% ownership in contiguous permits in the one basin (JORC Exploration Target-300-500 billion tonnes  sfce. down to 1,000m*)

- Completed over 3,000 km of quality seismic

- Demonstrated independently certified P50 prospective recoverable resources of over 6 billion bbls oil and 42 TCFG in unconventional resources

- Was the first company in Australia to publically promote unconventional potential (2007 Heugh and Ambrose)

- Has accumulated rights over the biggest acreage mix of permits and applications in prospective ground in Australia and possibly the world with the qualification of being a focussed single region package in a first world country

- Has developed more exploration concepts in central Australia than any company in history and continues to develop more

- Has put together one of the most credible exploration teams of any junior in Australia with both conventional and unconventional experience.

- Has survived and prospered through one of the most difficult periods of recent economic history, ie GFC 2008/9 and Eurozone crisis since.

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