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Cellmid, Key European Patent for Anti-Midkine Antibodies Granted

-  Patent for anti-midkine antibodies to prevent and treat cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases granted in Europe

-  Most important patent family in Cellmid’s cancer treatment program

-  Second granted patent in global patent family

SYDNEY, Tuesday, 8 October 2013: Cellmid Limited (ASX:CDY) advises that the European Patent Office has granted one of Cellmid’s most important antibody patents, application EP07828015.3 (patent ’15.3) entitled "Antibody recognising Cdomain of midkine" (expiry 2027). The granted claims cover Cellmid’s cancer program for antibodies and antibody fragments which bind to the important functional C-domain of growth factor midkine (MK). In particular, antibodies of any kind that bind to key MK C-domain epitopes are covered.

Significantly, patent ’15.3 also grants composition of matter claims for MK-specific antibodies, including Cellmid’s lead anti-cancer antibody. The granted claims also cover the use of any such antibody for prevention and treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, and any disease attributed to cell migration.

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