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Carbonxt Group - Novel AC Pellets Test Results

• New Activated Carbon (‘AC’) Pellet technology demonstrates superior performance killing 100% of algae within two hours at low dosages of added algaecide
• Florida red tide agal blooms cause severe environmental, economic, and public health issues and there is considerable government support to fund environmentally friendly treatments
• Carbonxt provides the following link which details the economic and health impacts caused by red tide algal blooms in Florida -
• These pellets build on our nutrient pellet research and commercialisation work. Freshwater eutrophication (water becoming progressively enriched causing excessive algal growth) has been estimated to cost the US economy US$2.2 billion annually
• Carbonxt’s success in addressing major environmental concerns of airborne emissions and water contamination was recently featured on US National TV (CNBC), in the documentary series ‘Advancements’ with Ted Danson on the 11th September 2021. Online access of the segment can be found on the Carbonxt website ( or at
• Further trials underway to replicate results on a larger scale in aquariums, prior to deployment in Florida estuaries

United States focused Cleantech company Carbonxt Group Ltd (ASX:CG1) (‘‘Carbonxt” or “the Company”) is pleased to report on the successful completion of recent laboratory tests deploying new Activated Carbon (“AC”) Pellet formulations to prevent the propagation of Florida red tide algal blooms.

The tests were designed to assess the effectiveness of Carbonxt’s new AC Pellet formulations in killing the algae responsible for red tide algal blooms, while simultaneously removing its toxins without causing any long-term harm to the ecosystem. The results of the testing showed significant promise with 100% of the algae being killed within two hours of exposure.

For more information, download the attached PDF.

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