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Burleson Energy Limited (ASX: BUR) Joann No.1 Connected to Sales- Flowing at Commercial Rates

Joann #1 well: Connected to Sales, Flowing at Commercial Rates
Burleson Energy (ASX: BUR) is pleased to advise that the Joann #1 well is now connected to a sales pipeline and is producing gas and condensate at commercial rates.
Another report will be released once the initial clean-up phase has been completed and well flow rates have stabilised.
The Joann #1 well was drilled in July 2010 and made a gas and condensate discovery in Wilcox sandstone reservoirs. The well intersected four separate reservoir sands containing gas and condensate and one of these zones flow tested at 2.1 million cubic feet per day of gas and 38 barrels per day of condensate.
Burleson has a 39.4% Working Interest in the Joann #1 well.
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