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BPH Energy Limited (ASX: BPH) MDS to Present at the 4th Aust High Content Image Meeting

Dr. Robin Scaife to Present at the 4th Australian High Content Image Meeting
BPH Energy Limited (ASX: BPH) is pleased to provide a copy of the presentation that the Principal Researcher Dr. Robin Scaife will present at the 4th Australian High Content Image Meeting in Lorne, Melbourne, today.
High Content Imaging has industrialised the field of microscopy, transforming process like fluorescence microscopy from the single glass slide to a fully automated high-throughput imaging process. Since its inception over ten years ago, high-content imaging and analysis has become a pivotal process in early-stage drug discovery. BPH investee company, Molecular Discovery Systems (MDS), uses high content imaging and analysis to screen for new oncology drugs.
MDS has gained core expertise in high-content screening and high-throughput imaging and analysis. MDS’ innovative high content imaging and analysis platform detects and quantifies cellular properties much faster than conventional methods, facilitating in the rapid optimisation and prioritisation of drug leads. MDS has effectively utilised high-content imaging and analysis to identify novel cancer drug candidates.
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