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Antisense Therapeutics Limited (ASX:ANP) Final Preparations for ATL1103 Clinical Trial

Final Preparations for ATL1103 Clinical Trial
Antisense Therapeutics Limited (ANP) is pleased to advise that final preparations are being made for the first human trial of ATL1103, the Company’s drug that is designed to block growth hormone receptor expression.
ATL1103 is being developed by Antisense Therapeutics as a potential treatment for particular growth and sight disorders as well as some forms of cancer.
Following the manufacture of sufficient supplies of the drug compound by ANP’s technology partner, Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc., ANP has now commenced formulation of this raw material into injectible product to be used in the clinical trial. This drug product formulation work should be completed in April 2011.
ANP will then make an application under the Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) scheme to conduct the clinical trial with a planned trial commencement Q3 2011. The trial will be undertaken by an experienced Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) at a clinical trial unit in Australia. The first stage of the trial to demonstrate the safety and tolerability of ATL1103 in healthy volunteers is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.
Antisense Therapeutics CEO and Managing Director, Mark Diamond added “We are very excited to be moving toward the first clinical trial of ATL1103 following the successful pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology stages of its development. ATL1103 has a number of potential disease applications where we believe this second generation antisense drug should have significant competitive advantages over existing treatments.” 
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