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Altech Chemicals - Green Credentials of Altech HPA Production Process

Altech Chemicals Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC) (FRA: A3Y) has increasingly been requested by potential institutional investors and investment banks, especially in Europe, if it can demonstrate the green credentials of its disruptive kaolin-alumina high purity alumina (HPA) production process. The current industry standard of producing HPA is the “alkoxide process” (bauxite – refinery – smelter – alkoxide), with high grade aluminium metal used as feedstock.

In response to these requests, the Company has undertaken a detailed “mine to gate” study and compared the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from the two HPA production methods. The results of the study are that Altech’s single step kaolin-alumina HPA production process will release 46% less greenhouse gas per tonne of HPA compared to the alkoxide process.

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