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Altech Batteries - Silumina Anodes Project DFS Expands Output 8-Fold to 120GWh


  • Expanded the Silumina Project DFS output by eightfold
  • 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to 120 GWh
  • To produce 8,000 tpa alumina-coated metallurgical silicon only
  • No change to plant and equipment used
  • Customers to blend coated silicon (10%) with their uncoated graphite source
  • Increase of battery energy density by at least 30%
  • Potential reduction of graphite usage for potential customers
  • China graphite export restrictions causing concerns
  • Increased output meets long-term silicon anode demands

Altech Batteries Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC and FRA: A3Y) is pleased to announce that during the finalisation of the Silumina Anodes TM project Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS), Altech has managed to expand the project's output by eightfold, increasing the capacity from 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to 120 GWh, with no change to plant and equipment. This significant expansion will effectively cater to the long-term demand for silicon-type anodes within the industry. Initially, as per the original DFS scope, Altech had proposed the production of 10,000 tons per annum (tpa) of Silumina Anodes TM product, comprising 1,000 tpa of high-purity alumina-coated metallurgical silicon incorporated into 9,000 tpa of similarly coated graphite (10% mix). The plant will now focus on solely producing alumina-coated metallurgical silicon product at a rate of 8,000 tpa. This product will be integrated into the graphite by the customers within their battery plants rather than at Altech's facility. As a result of this increased production of the 'active' component, the output has expanded by a significant eightfold, rising from 15 GWh to 120 GWh.

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