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Next Science - 2021 AGM Chair & Managing Director Addresses

I am delighted to bring you this Chairman’s report.

Next Science is a relatively young company, with an exciting future ahead of it. There were many challenges in 2020, with key ones being the health risks to our staff and their families and the sales and marketing constraints of trying to engage a hospital and healthcare system totally focused on dealing with an all-consuming global pandemic that deeply penetrated the US. As we look back to such a challenging year, I am pleased to report that much progress has been made at Next Science.

As health systems ceased commercial activities, Next Science went deeper on the things we could control. Our teams in Jacksonville focused on bringing XPerience, our biggest product opportunity to market. This work involved product R&D, extensive lab testing, production scale and stability testing, specialised packaging and the development of a clinical advisory network of thought leaders to ensure end user perspectives were captured. Having made our initial XPerience FDA submission in January 2020, it was a special moment for our employees when the news arrived from the FDA on April 23rd, 2021 US time, a little over a week ago, that the FDA had approved XPerience for sale in the US. So despite the significant constraints on our business and the livelihoods of our employees last year, it will likely become a milestone year as we now pivot to commercially exploit our Xbio technology within the XPerience application.

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