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Netlinkz Announce Australian rollout of the VIN with DI Advisory Services

NetLinkz Limited announces expansion of the Australian rollout of the VIN product with Australian Defence Industry Specialists DI Advisory Services

NetLinkz Limited (ASX: NET) ('NetLinkz') is pleased to announce the expansion of its Australian rollout of the NetLinkz VIN product with DI Advisory Services (DIAS).
DIAS is bringing critical services to the Australian Defence industry and relies on the collaboration of a global network of team members, service providers and partners. This network requires the use of a highly secure distributed collaboration environment.
While various ad-hoc secure collaboration services have been used in the past, these have proven to be a challenge to install and utilise across the wide range of platforms that DIAS’ network of service providers operate on.
DIAS is implementing NetLinkz VINs to provide remote access and secure collaboration to key members within DIAS’ network. The VINs were deployed with no changes required to DIAS networks and a simple installation onto user laptops.

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