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INOVIQ isolates brain-derived exosomes in Alzheimer's

INOVIQ Limited (ASX:IIQ or INOVIQ) is pleased to announce that its NEURO-NET™ technology can isolate brain-derived exosomes in Alzheimer’s Disease.

NEURO-NET captures exosomes secreted from various brain cells. Exosomes provide a “fingerprint” of the health or disease status of the parent cell and can cross the “blood-brain barrier”, making them promising candidates as diagnostics for neurological diseases. The ability to weaponize exosomes and target them to cells is the end game for therapy and cure.

Initial analytical and clinical validation studies showed:
-- Exosomes isolated from blood using NEURO-NET contain proteins known to be expressed by brain cells;
-- NEURO-NET was superior to other commercially-available methods tested in isolating brain-derived exosomes from blood;
-- NEURO-NET enabled the identification of known Alzheimer’s biomarkers in exosomes that could not be detected by other methods;
-- Analysis of NEURO-NET-captured exosomes identified more than 200 proteins that were differentially expressed in Alzheimer’s patients when compared with healthy individuals.

For more information, download the attached PDF.

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