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Altech Batteries - Excellent CERENERGY Battery Project DFS


-- Highly positive Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) – 120 GridPacks (1MWh) pa
-- Capital cost estimated at €156 million with excellent project economics
-- Pre-tax Net Present Value (NPV9) of €169 million
-- Attractive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 19%
-- Steady state payback period is 3.7 years, with Annual Revenue of €106 million per annum
-- EBITDA of €51 million or margin of around 47%
-- Altech Board Decision to Proceed to Funding Phase
-- Low lifetime levelised cost of storage €0.06/kWh vs lithium-ion batteries at €0.149/kWh
-- Grid energy storage market projected to grow by 28% CAGR
-- Grant funding applications underway
-- Equity and mezzanine financing discussions in progress
-- Offtake for 5 years production in progress

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