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360 Capital Industrial Fund, Upgraded FY15 Earnings Guidance, Release of FY16 Earnings and Distribution Guidance Management Initiatives

Earnings and Distribution Guidance
360 Capital Industrial Fund (“Fund” or ASX code “TIX”) is pleased to announce as a result of 360 Capital’s recent leasing activities, completion of its non-core asset disposal program, recent accretive acquisitions and proactive capital management, FY15 operating EPU guidance has increased by 5.0% to 21.2cpu from previous guidance of 20.2cpu.
The Fund now comprises in excess of $526.0m of assets and 360 Capital has maintained virtually 100% occupancy with a long weighted average lease expiry of 5.8 years in line with the Fund’s strategy of generating stable and very predictable cashflow from its diverse portfolio of properties and tenants.
Further, as a result of the Fund’s highly visible cashflow, the Fund is pleased to announce FY16 operating EPU guidance of 22.0cpu, up 3.8% on the upgraded FY15 guidance.
FY15 DPU guidance of 20.0cpu is unchanged following the recent upgrade from 19.2cpu.
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