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360 Capital Industrial Fund, 1 April 2014 Valuations Confirmed

360 Capital Investment Management Limited as Responsible Entity for the 360 Capital Industrial Fund (ASX:TIX) advises that independent valuations as at 1 April 2014 of 100% of the portfolio (excluding properties held for sale) have been completed, resulting in a $27.6 million or 8.27% increase on December 2013 valuations. The Fund’s overall weighted average cap rate (WACR) is now 8.55%, a 38bp firming since December 2013.
These results will translate into a pro-forma NTA uplift in the order of $0.29 cents per unit, on the previous reported NTA of $1.94. The forecast pro-forma NTA as at 1 April 2014 will be $2.23 including the impact of recent unit buyback transactions.
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