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Next-Level Technologies for the Problem of Biofilm

Next Science® pioneers innovative, proprietary technologies to address one of the leading causes of antimicrobial resistance, bacterial biofilms. With proven, experienced management and scientific leadership, Next Science and its partners deliver break-through solutions that see beyond the current limits imposed by powerful bacterial colonies.

A Different Perspective

Traditionally, researchers attempting to eradicate difficult-to-treat bacteria have based their efforts on better understanding the bacteria themselves. These efforts have been largely unsuccessful.

Next Science approaches this problem from a different perspective. By applying the principles of material science to a material science problem, Next Science researchers first noticed that the structure of bacterial biofilms behave in ways very similar to those of rubber: both have cross-linked polymers that swell and break apart when fuels pass through them. The Next Science team then devised methods for dissolving these protective bacterial polymers and thus exposing the bacteria to subsequent attack, creating a revolutionary breakthrough for modern science.

Biofilm: A Complex and Widespread Problem

Biofilm accounts for a significant percentage of hard-to-manage bacterial proliferations worldwide.18 Compounding that challenge is the fact that currently available biofilm solutions are extremely hazardous to humans and the environment, and are not always effective. Most current therapies only address planktonic bacteria; they have limited efficacy and are susceptible to resistance.30,31 Through novel material science and a robust development pipeline, Xbio™ technology addresses the problem of biofilm head-on helping to break down the antimicrobial resistance provided by the protective biofilm polymers and thereby helping minimize antibiotic use.

Quality Systems for Next-level Solutions

Next Science is dedicated to creating high-quality solutions for a global impact. This approach focuses on products that are sustainable, safe, and effective. Next Science takes pride in strict adherence to practices that support environmental and antimicrobial responsibility.

Next Science’s manufacturing facility is compliant with 210/211. The GMP facility is registered by FDA for manufacture of Next Science Products. The Next Science Quality Management System is managed in accordance with 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485.

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