Noxopharm is a Group comprising Noxopharm Ltd, Nyrada Inc, and NoxAsia Ltd with offices in Sydney, New York and Hong Kong. The Group's drug pipeline contains 4 drug candidates: Veyonda®, NYX-104, NYX-205, NYX-330. Veyonda® is being developed as an enhancer of radiotherapy across a range of cancers, including prostate cancer patients being treated with both standard external beam radiotherapy and intravenous radionuclide (177lutetium-PSMA-617) therapy; NYX-104 is a neuroprotectant being developed to limit secondary brain damage (glutamate-induced excitotoxicity) following ischaemic stroke and concussion; NYX-205 is an anti-inflammatory being developed for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes and chemotherapy; NYX-330 is a PCSK9 inhibitor being developed for the treatment of high blood LDL cholesterol levels that fail to respond adequately to statin therapy alone.

Veyonda® is the first pipeline product, previously known as NOX66. It is currently in clinical trials. It has also been trialled as an enhancer of chemotherapy across a range of cancers.

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Listing of Nyrada Inc. spin-off on ASX

16/01/2020 11:32:00

Noxopharm (ASX: NOX) announces the listing today on the ASX (ASX: NYR) of its spin-off company, Nyrada Inc (Nyrada). The IPO Offer was fully subscribed, with A$8.5M being raised.  For mor…

Noxopharm announces DARRT-1 Clinical Data Webinar

20/12/2019 09:04:00

Noxopharm (NOX:ASX) releases a webinar containing further details on its DARRT-1 study clinical data read-out, along with a commentary from prominent Australian medical oncologist, Professor Paul de…

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