Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge that powers positive experiences. Customers remember you for the right reasons - and employee retention rises as your teams confidently work to achieve goals.

Knosys is a leading Australian knowledge management software company based in Melbourne, servicing the Asia Pacific region.

We first built the enterprise solution, KnowledgeIQ, to be an organisation-wide application designed to bring together information from existing web-enabled legacy systems.

Now we introduce KIQ Cloud - the knowledge management platform that caters to the masses by simply and intelligently centralising everything that's important to you - making company information easy to access, control and deliver with relevance and clarity.

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Knosys - Appendix 4C - quarterly

29/04/2021 10:33:00

Current highlights Completed GreenOrbit acquisition: Knosys will receive a 3-month revenue contribution from the GreenOrbit entity in FY21. Positive momentum in sales and pipeline activity: A …

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