Dotz Nano

Using small particles to solve big issues

We are a group of committed and enthusiastic professionals coming together to utilize our knowledge in chemistry, nanotechnology, and material science to solve acute environmental and industrial challenges.


Progress, development and research are our guiding lights. We are constantly looking for ways to push our technology forward, and continually produce new, innovative solutions that will help people, companies and the environment to solve problems, old and new.

Customer Success

We are devoted to producing great results for our customers, simplifying things that are complicated for them, and giving them excellent service.


We believe that the key to our growth and development is collaboration, both between ourselves (teamwork) and with people, companies and organizations outside of DOTZ. We are constantly working to make connections, share and integrate as many entities as possible, in our endeavor to grow and nurture our partners.


Our solutions enable companies to be more sustainable and accountable for their activities and supply chains. We consider sustainability to be of paramount importance, and make efforts to reduce the impact of our operations, technology and products on the environment.

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