ClearVue Technologies Limited

ClearVue PV has been working for years perfecting a technology that utilises an age old building material, one that protects us from and connects us to our environment, clear glass!

Its patented technology allows visible light to pass through a pane of glass, while the invisible wavelengths of light are deflected to the edges of the glass where they are converted into electricity.

ClearVue PV technology can transform a glass building into a massive solar panel, generating power where it’s needed, reducing power transmission requirements across large distances. Our technology is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides a sustainable and innovative new power generation capacity. ClearVue PV has the potential to add efficiency to automobiles, public transport, agriculture and mobile electronic devices.

ClearVue PV has secured a manufacturing partner, based in China, with the capability to manufacture one square metre panels at a rate of three hundred thousand per annum.

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ClearVue Technologies - Trading Halt

30/09/2020 09:38:00

The securities of ClearVue Technologies Limited (‘CPV’) will be placed in trading halt at the request of CPV, pending it releasing an announcement. Unless ASX decides otherwise, the secu…

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