Cellmid Limited

Cellmid is an Australian biotechnology company developing innovative new therapies and diagnostic tests for heart attack, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Cellmid holds the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property related to midkine and midkine antagonists globally.
Midkine is a cytokine that promotes cell migration, growth and survival. Discovered over twenty years ago, midkine’s roles in inflammation and cell survival have been extensively validated by researchers worldwide.
Elevated midkine concentration in the blood or other body fluids is strongly indicative of cancer. Cellmid’s first product is a blood test that sensitively and accurately measures serum midkine levels. As well as developing this test in-house, Cellmid is actively out-licensing its broad diagnostic patent portfolio for the early detection, monitoring, prognosis and disease monitoring of cancer.
The Company’s most advanced clinical development program targets the treatment of heart attack (acute myocardial infarction or AMI) utilising the midkine protein and its anti-apoptotic characteristics.
Cellmid is also humanising its lead anti-midkine antibody for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

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Cellmid Ltd, Interim Financial Report

27/02/2014 15:11:00

The directors submit the interim consolidated financial report of Cellmid Limited and Controlled Entities ("the Consolidated Entity") for the half-year ended 31 December 2013.   …

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