Daily Murmur 11/11/10

by Gary Glover

Not much to report overnight, Silver dropped 7% after margins were increased on the contract yesterday, which would of effected traders as they would have to lodge more cash to fund their positions, hence some would of had to sell if they were margined up in any way.
I will be putting a detailed report together this weekend and it will be one of the most important I do for the next 12 months.  I think we are reaching historic highs in most of our commodities so it could run a bit further in the short term but this is a commodities bubble in the making.  I will illustrate why I think this and lay out the most likely path based on previous booms and busts and how this is likely to effect our market.  If you haven’t watched  yesterdays FNN video, I would recommend doing so , In particular the commodities segment.  This will give you a taste of some of what i will cover this weekend.  This extensive report will only be available to my broking clients unfortunately as it's my duty to protect them and their portfolio's first.


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