Sequoia (ASX:SEQ) - Due Diligence Webinar Presentation

Company Presentations

by Paul Sanger

Blair Kirkhope, Head of Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (”SSI”)

Blair has over 22 years of financial markets experience and has been running SSI, one of Australia’s leading issuers of structured products and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sequoia Financial Group Ltd (ASX:SEQ), since October 2017. Based on Blair’s extensive knowledge of various quantitative financial models employed by Armstrong Economics including in particular the Economic Confidence Model and cyclical arrays produced by the Socrates artificial intelligence system, Blair discusses the impact of the changing landscape of geopolitics and how this is likely to impact the global economy and global financial markets over the next few years including inflation, interest rates, and commodities. Blair also discussed Sequoia Commodities Series 23 enabling investors to get access to a diversified commodities portfolio in a low cost, tax efficient manner.

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