Magellan Podcast: Decoding the Magnificent Seven

Funds Management

by Magellan Financial Group

Markets were taught a lesson in the turn-of-the-century’s dot-com bubble. Over excitement and massive investment in companies that hardly really existed, let alone made worthwhile returns, resulted in a traumatic correction. But is it happening again? With the high-profile technology companies — widely known as the ‘Magnificent Seven’ —providing huge returns in 2023, some observers fear a repeat of the tech wreck, but all is not what it seems.

In this episode of ‘Magellan In the Know’, Key Account Manager Martin Van Eyk explores the landscape surrounding the Magnificent 7 with Portfolio Manager Alan Pullen. Together they discuss which companies will remain good long-term prospects because of strong fundamentals, and how new innovations like artificial intelligence can create change and growth. But they also look at which of the seven are best left alone.

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