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Business update presentation by Linius CEO, James Brennan.

Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) (Linius or Company) convened a webinar presented by CEO, James Brennan, on 10 April 2024 to provide an update on the company’s activities in Q3 FY24.

The presentation focused on:
  • Lone Star Conference (LSC): details on the new deal with LSC
  • IMG: details on the recent expansion for Bundesliga and the overall revenue expansion opportunities in development with IMG
  • Hockey Technology Partners (HTP): details on the recent expansions with HTP for the USA Hockey National Championship and other expansion opportunities
  • Peach Belt Conference: update on the deployment and demonstration of the solution
  • Commercial and product development activities from Q3 FY24
  • Update on Linius’ pipeline and path towards profitability
  • Details on the Linius product road map and strategy
Key take-aways:
  • With individual deals accelerating, the company is now focused on deals which create additional scale and can be leveraged into multiple deals and growth opportunities
  • Following its entry to the US college sports market in Q2 FY24 with the NCAA’s Peach Belt Conference (PBC), Linius has successfully expanded penetration into this key market with its second customer the Lone Star Conference (LSC). This new customer also marks Linius’ first deployment into American Football
               - LSC is the leading conference in the NCAA Division 2, and will deploy Whizzard and Automated highlights for basketball and American football, which is the highest revenue generating sport globally
               - Deployment provides further validation of this highly replicable solution targeting 150 NCAA conferences
               - Total addressable market of US college sports for Linius estimated at >$70m per year

  • In January, Linius reached a pivotal milestone with services now live for existing customer IMG
               - IMG, the world’s leading sports and media company has now deployed Linius Whizzard as part of the re-launch of the IMG Video Archive service. For reference, the IMG Video archive includes the content of 35 leading rights holders including The English Premier League, PGA, Wimbledon, Giro D’Italia.
              - Deployment with IMG creates multiple scale opportunities
                       - Growth within IMG Video Archive – IMG recently announced the addition of initial content from customer Bundesliga which validates this growth opportunity
                       - Expansion within IMG and parent Endeavor
                       - Federations within IMG Archive
                       - All Broadcasters, federations and technology providers who follow the market leaders
                       - Industry tech providers seeing the success for this integration
  • Launched just 6 months ago, Linius’ automated highlights solution is gaining market momentum, now deployed with 3 customers. This is a well-established market with existing need and customer budgets. Linius’ solution has clear competitive advantage which is being recognised by customers and other vendors creating both direct customer growth and potential to scale through partnership/integration with leading providers
              - In the webinar, Linius showcased an example of an automated highlights video from customer PBC
  • Customer Hockey Technology Partners (HTP) continues to scale with Linius as an enabler of this growth. Under the existing master services framework, HTP recently expanded into the USA Hockey National Championships, one of the largest amateur hockey tournaments in the US. This creates scale opportunities with USA Hockey for next season, growth through newly released features, and additional federations.
  • Linius is also scaling through industry partnerships. A new integration agreement was signed with Avid, the leading video editing software provider, which will see Linius Whizzard available within their solutions. This is an example of industry leaders now seeking to work with Linius.

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