High grades confirmed at Wind Break

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by Peter Milios

ABx Group (ASX:ABX) has announced high-grade results emerging from the first drilling campaign at the Wind Break deposit. Located just 15 kilometers northeast of the massive Deep Leads-Rubble Mound rare earths resource, this discovery marks a pivotal moment in ABx's exploration endeavors, further solidifying their presence in northern Tasmania's vast exploration target area, spanning over 100 square kilometers.

The Wind Break mineralisation stands out for its remarkable concentration of two critically important rare earth elements, dysprosium (Dy) and terbium (Tb), which together make up over 4.5% of total rare earth oxide (TREO). This ratio ranks among the highest in Australia and is globally exceptional. Additionally, the levels of thorium and uranium in this deposit are notably low, underscoring its economic and environmental viability.

In a notable example, the first drill hole of the campaign, designated as hole WB126, provides an excellent representation of the abundant Dy and Tb in the Wind Break deposit, as detailed in Table 1 of the report.

Mark Cooksey, the Managing Director and CEO of ABx Group, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Our ionic adsorption clay rare earths resources are exceptionally enriched in the two most critical rare earths, namely Dy and Tb, and the Wind Break discovery continues this pattern. It also confirms that ABx's REE are predominantly found in scrub country that has been converted to hardwood and pine plantations that are more amenable for development than Tasmania's highly valuable farmland. ABx strongly endorses the value of agricultural and rural land."

These latest findings serve to underline the effectiveness of ABx's exploration technology in unraveling the origins of this unique rare earths resource. Furthermore, these discoveries are leading the company to even richer and thicker rare earths mineralisation.

Looking ahead, ABx's 2024 drilling campaign is well underway, commencing on schedule on January 15th. This campaign will primarily focus on exploring the extensive potential extensions of the Deep Leads and Leech Scrub high-grade zones while also initiating drilling at the high-grade Rubble Mound zone, which has yet to be specifically explored for REE mineralisation.

Simultaneously, ABx is dedicated to ongoing research into low-impact methods for the extraction of their REE mineralisation. This commitment reflects the company's dedication to responsible and sustainable mining practices.

The confirmation of Wind Break as a high-grade rare earths deposit marks a significant milestone for ABx Group and highlights the company's dedication to advancing the field of rare earth element exploration and extraction. The future looks promising as ABx continues its efforts to unlock the full potential of this valuable resource. 

Peter Milios

Peter Milios is a recent graduate from the University of Technology - majoring in Finance and Accounting. Peter is currently working under equity research analyst Di Brookman for Corporate Connect Research.

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