Next Science (ASX:NXS) BlastX antimicrobial wound gel


by Michael Luu

Next Science Limited (ASX:NXS) Managing Director Judith Mitchell talks about the company's antimicrobial wound gel BlastX, and its health benefits for the treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers.

Michael Luu: Biofilms are posing numerous challenges for the medical industry, contributing to life-threatening infections and diseases. One of the companies with a solution to the problem is Next Science (ASX:NXS). Today, let's find out some more from the company's Managing Director, Judith Mitchell. Hi, Judith. Welcome to FNN.

Judith Mitchell: Thank you. And thank you for having me, Michael.

Michael Luu: It's a pleasure to have you here. First up, could you explain the harmful effects of biofilms, and how your company is tackling these issues?

Judith Mitchell: So, a biofilm is like a forcefield that protects the bacteria. They overlay it, and it means that all those very gorgeous, very expensive antibiotics can't actually get to the bacteria and heal the patient. So, about 80 per cent of infections in humans are protected by biofilms, making them antibiotic-resistant. We, through our scientist, Matt Myntti, found a way to disperse the biofilm. We're the first people, we believe, to do that in the human body, in a non-toxic way.

Michael Luu: Fantastic. One of your company's products is BlastX. Can you talk us through this product of yours, and how it helps to solve the issues related to biofilms?

Judith Mitchell: So, BlastX is designed specifically for the biofilms that are on the skin, right? Chronic wounds, chronic infections, anything that is skin-level, we are able to just lay down the simplest of creams that has its own little miracle inside, because what it does is it takes down the biofilm, actually provides an environment where the bacteria go away. We actually kill off the bacteria. And it's a nice warm, moist environment, and skin starts to heal. So, if you look back through our clinical papers, we've had people with four- and five-year-old wounds...

Michael Luu: Wow.

Judith Mitchell:..with no fixing. And we take them through a course of BlastX, and these wounds are healing. So, it's actually coming into a space that, for a long time, has been a very quiet, but highly suffering group of people.

Michael Luu: Now, you mentioned chronic wounds. What significance does your progress mean to people carrying chronic wounds?

Judith Mitchell: They've got an answer now, is the first point. I took care of an elderly mother for years, and we were forever frightened of the next skin tear, because it was going to be weeks of doctor's visits, weeks of bandages, weeks of weeping wounds, and, really, no answer. We can change that whole paradigm. We can change the paradigm for a diabetic with a diabetic foot ulcer. We can start to give them answers, that they get immediate relief, they get immediate answers to the fact that this wound can be quite odorous. We take that away. And for things like pressure ulcers, for people sleeping in beds, the pain goes away. Getting sleep is so important for these people. And, sometimes, they just can't, because the reason the pressure ulcer is there is that's where their body is resting, on the bed. In helping them, we change people's lives. And, as I said before, they've been a very silent, but suffering group. There are over 400,000 in Australia suffering from chronic wounds at any one time.

Michael Luu: It's beautiful to know that the product actually has personal meaning to you. So, what does it mean for your company to deliver the solution to the Australian community?

Judith Mitchell: Well, we listed in Australia in 2019. And, in fact, the company is in existence because of an angel that was an Australian investor, and that was Lang Walker. So, he invested in this company in 2012, knowing the world would be a better place if the world has some answers for these chronic infections. So, as we move through, and can actually bring a product into Australia, we're all really excited. And our shareholders, I think, are excited. Some of them are dying to get their hands on it. And to be able to help people that actually have helped us is something that's going to make all of us really happy.

Michael Luu: Thank you for the very inspiring talk. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours, and look forward to your updates.

Judith Mitchell: Thank you very much, and thank you for having me.


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