Tinybeans (ASX:TNY) expands into pet photos market

Company News

by Michael Luu

Family photo-sharing app developer Tinybeans Group (ASX:TNY) is planning an expansion from its traditional children photos platform into the emerging pet photos market.

The application, which has a user base spanning across 200 countries, has joined forces with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for the launch of a service allowing pet lovers to store, transfer and exchange photographic materials of their beloved animals.

The Sydney-based photo platform, whose majority of its 20 million users are US-based, believes the new service will capitalise on the robust interest in owning cats and dogs driven by coronavirus-related social restrictions.

Tinybeans said, “Pet adoptions have surged by 11 million US households since the pandemic, driven by tech-inclined millennials who spare no expense on their pets and view them as family members”.

The company is currently conducting beta testing of the new pet photo-sharing product’s functionality. Owners of furry creatures are expected to be able to get their hands on the new service in early May.

Tinybeans hopes to boost app usage and engagement levels by expanding its user base through the new offering.

Shares in Tinybeans (ASX:TNY) are trading 0.3 per cent higher at $1.47