Recce Pharmaceticals (ASX:RCE) to start clinical trials for topical wound application

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by Melissa Darmawan

Recce Pharmaceticals’ (ASX:RCE) lead compound RECCE® 327 has been registered in the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry (ANZCTR) for its Phase I/II Topical Burns Study in humans.

Their lead candidate RECCE® 327 is as anti-infective developed for the treatment of blood infections and sepsis derived from E. coli and S. aureus bacteria including their superbug forms and sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by the body responding to an infection.

The trial has been registered under 'Proof of Concept Study of RECCE 327 Topical Antibiotic Therapy for Infected Burn Wounds in Adults'. Over a fortnight, 10 patients will receive a daily course of R327. There will be a further 20 patients who will receive a treatment three times per week.

Last year Executive Director James Graham in an exclusive interview with FNN talked about the topical wound application. Available here -

The ANZCTR is an online registry of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. The registry includes trials of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and complementary therapies. This registration represents one of the final administrative stages for the clinical trial to commence.

The share price has jumped nearly 6 per cent during Thursday’s session and the stock price has soared over 229 per cent in the past year.

Shares in Recce Pharmaceticals (ASX:RCE) closed 5.08 per cent higher at $1.24.

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