Centuria Capital Group (ASX:CNI) announce board changes

Company News

by Rachael Jones

Centuria Capital Group (ASX:CNI) has announced the appointment of Natalie Collins to the Boards of Centuria Property Funds No. 2, Centuria Life and Over Fifty Guardian Friendly.

They also announced the appointment of Roger Dobson as the new Chairman of CPF2L and the reorganisation of the CPFL and CPF2L Boards.

CPF2L is the Responsible Entity of Centuria Industrial REIT.

Centuria Property Funds is the Responsible Entity of Centuria Office REIT (ASX:COF).

Centuria Life is responsible for Centuria’s investment bond products.

Ms Collins is currently Head of Emerging Ventures and Co-Founder of Amatil X at Coca-Cola Amatil.

Centuria Capital Group (ASX:CNI) are trading 2.4 per cent higher at $1.73