BrainChip Holdings (ASX:BRN) appoint Dr Simon Thorpe to Scientific Advisory Board

Company News

by Rachael Jones

AI technology company BrainChip Holdings (ASX:BRN) has appointed Dr Simon J. Thorpe to its Scientific Advisor Board.

Dr Thorpe provides decades of insight in the area of event-based processing and hardware implementation.

The Scientific Advisory Board has a Charter to provide independent advice and expert consultation, with respect to scientific and technical aspects related to the short and long term commercial goals of BrainChip.

They also review and evaluate the research and development programs of BrainChip with respect to quality and scope to provide inputs to the Board and management.

Dr Thorpe’s is a founder of SpikeNet and has a long history of spiking neural networks.

Shares in BrainChip Holdings (ASX:BRN) are trading flat at 5 cents.