South32 Group Operations (ASX:S32) awards 10 year contract to Alliance Aviation Services (ASX:AQZ)

Company News

by Katrina Bullock

South32 Group Operations (ASX:S32) has extended its airline services contract with Alliance Aviation Services (ASX:AQZ) for a further ten year (2020 to 2030).

Alliance has been providing air charter services to the Cannington and GEMCO mine sites since 2006 and will be the sole supplier of airline services for the Cannington and GEMCO mines for the next decade.

Alliance’s CEO Lee Schofield says “Alliance is delighted to be continuing the provision of these services for both Cannington and GEMCO mine sites from Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane. This new contract will see Alliance flying a minimum of 35 sectors per week…For the next ten years Alliance will also be servicing South32’s charter requirements from Darwin. This will result in a significant increase in [the company’s] permanent presence in the Northern Territory.”

Shares in South32 Group Operations (ASX:S32) are trading 2.77 per cent lower at $1.93