Healius (ASX:HLS) responds to media speculation regarding Partners Group

Company News

by Rachael Jones

Healius (ASX:HLS) notes the media speculation in The Australian newspaper today and states that there has been no finalisation of a response on the non-binding indicative offer to acquire all of the shares in Healius by way of a Scheme of Arrangement from a wholly-owned subsidiary of Partners Group.

The Partners Group is a private markets investor, serving over 900 institutional investors.

They have USD 94 billion in assets under management.

The report comes after Partners agreed a deal with Healius' biggest shareholder Chinese company Jangho.

Healius is a healthcare company formerly known as Primary Heath Care.

The Board intends to announce its response to the Proposal in the near future.

Shares in Healius (ASX:HLS) are trading 0.72 per cent lower at $2.77.