Opthea (ASX:OPT) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, February 2020, Sydney

Company Presentations

Opthea (ASX:OPT) Managing Director and CEO, Dr Megan Baldwin presents on the company's large and growing market opportunity, the progress of its clinical program and entering the retinal disease market.


  • Market capitalisation approx $915 million
  • Novel therapy for eye diseases (OPT-302) to treat the leading causes of blindness in both the elderly and diabetic populations
  • Asset with strategic flexibility looking to enter the US$10B retinal disease market
  • Drug has demonstrated superior gains in visual acuity in patients that suffer from wet AMD
  • On path to enter last phase of clinical development required prior to commercialisation

For more information, view the presentation with Opthea Limited (ASX:OPT) Managing Director and CEO Dr Megan Baldwin.