Eagle Health Holdings (ASX:EHH) expands manufacturing in China for masks

Company News

by Rachael Jones

Eagle Health Holdings (ASX:EHH) has expanded its production facilities at its wholly owned GMP pharmaceutical facility in Xiamen China for the production of disposable medical masks.

Eagle has purchased and begun commissioning sophisticated automated industrial machinery (as well as the raw materials) for the high-speed production of disposable medical masks.

The first two production lines (2 of 6) currently in trial production (4 additional lines are currently being commissioned).

Medical mask production capacity at Eagle’s facility is ~6,500 units (masks) per hour per line; with a full production capacity (6 lines) of 300 million units per annum.

Eagle has acquired these machinery for a cost of around $1.2 million, which will be paid for in cash.

Shares in Eagle Health Holdings (ASX:EHH) are trading 16.22 per cent higher at 21 cents.