ClearVue Technologies (ASX:CPV) completes rigorous testing


by Rachael Jones

ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX:CPV) Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg, talks about certification of its solar PV Integrated Glass Unit (IGU) what the testing demonstrated and how this clears the way for sale into the US, Europe and other global territories.

Rachael Jones: Hello. I'm Rachel Jones for the Finance News Network. Joining me today from ClearVue Technologies (ASX:CPV) is Executive Chairman Victor Rosenberg. Victor, welcome back to FNN.

Victor Rosenberg: Thanks Rachael. It's good to be here again, and lovely to see you. Thank you.

Rachael Jones: Now, ClearVue Technologies is developing solar photovoltaic glass units for buildings. How is progress?

Victor Rosenberg: It couldn't be any better. We are achieving all the milestones. We've just engaged our second OEM manufacturer in China. So we have two of them now.

And two other major achievements that we've done is the scalability. We've actually scaled the product up that it can go from floor to ceiling. The architects would like a floor-to-ceiling product, which we've done.

The other area of the scalability is the scalability in terms of volume of production. Because most people with technology have to have specialised equipment. So they're limited to the factory where it's made, and then you can only produce X amount per 24 hours. We are not stuck with one factory or with the two OEMs in China. Our product can be made anywhere in the world. We just supply our solar modules and our activated PVB, and they can be manufactured in Germany, the US, South America, anywhere. So, volume is not an issue either anymore. The two main potential obstacles have been overcome.

Rachael Jones: You've received certification for the US and Europe. What does this mean for progress and for sales?

Victor Rosenberg: Well, they're two major achievements, again, because the UL gives you the licence to sell in the US, North America. And the IEC, of course, covers Europe. So it gives us the authority to sell in Europe. And it gives everybody, particularly end-users, the confidence and the comfort that the product has been tested by the top authority, and it is safe, reliable and structurally sound.

Rachael Jones: And do you have any projects on the go?

Victor Rosenberg: We are doing a demo project in Cape Cod in Massachusetts. And that's with AquaGen. What that involves is the greenhouse. And that houses cylinders which grow algae. The algae remove all the waste, and you get clean water coming out the other end. We play an important part role there, in that we are the greenhouse. We provide the sunlight. We also provide the power to push the water, the black water, through the algae tubes.

The second one that we're going to be doing in around May is in Israel with a company called Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO). They have developed a roots system, whereby if you keep the roots of the plants cooler, they get a much better yield. In fact, up to 40%, which is enormous. They have approached us, again, to do a joint greenhouse. And, of course, you need the light for the plants to grow, and you need the power to pump the water through.

And our government-sponsored project will also be done round about April, May in Perth. That will be more like a greenhouse lab or a laboratory-type greenhouse. We've got Professor Lee from Murdoch University, who will project-manage the greenhouse for us. He sits on the food security councils in Australia, the United Nations, and the Chinese governments. So, with Professor Lee doing the research, and hopefully we get the results that we're looking for, which is a better yield, and of course to reduce your energy consumption, I think he would be a very positive loudspeaker for us throughout the world.

Rachael Jones: Now to the last question now, is there anything else you'd like to add?

Victor Rosenberg: I'd like to add a couple of things. One, that we in the next few weeks intend to open our Singapore office, which for us is the start of penetrating Southeast Asia. We hope to do the same in Europe. Possibly set up an office in Germany. As we hope to do in the US -- to have an office in the U S some time later in the year.

And the other thing I'd like to mention -- that I just had a great meeting with Arup. And they demonstrated the first electronic mechanisms to show how they're going to help us create super-smart glass. The windows that are capable of closing if it rains, opening if they need more oxygen in the room, reducing the light coming into the room, WiFi, and so on. So, it's a very exciting time for our company now. And I hope to have samples of this new product development within the next couple of months of this year.

Rachael Jones: It's definitely a very interesting space there, Victor. Victor Rosenberg, thanks very much for the update.

Victor Rosenberg: Thanks, Rachel. Thank you very much.