ECS Botanics Holdings (AX:ECS) secures Woolworths distribution

Company News

by Katrina Bullock

ECS Botanics Holdings (ASX:ECS) has announced that its ECS soups will soon be distributed through Woolworths stores (ASX:WOW).

You may soon see ECS’s Mexican Spiced Bean Soup with Hemp or its Indian Masala Lentil Soup with Hemp stocked at your local Woolworths thanks to a new deal done by its distribution partner, Just Foods Australia.

While total revenue from the new distribution channel is uncertain at this time the company says that further manufacturing runs will be required to meet anticipated first order and subsequent order volumes.

This is not the first time ECS has secured distribution through the supermarket giant, with the company striking a deal last November to have its Hemp Seed Oil added to the product range.

Shares in ECS Botanics Holdings (ASX:ECS) are trading 1.9 per cent higher at 5 cents.