ResApp (ASX:RAP) flags positive results from prospective at-home sleep apnoea study

Company News

by Anna Napoli

ResApp (ASX:RAP) has flagged top-line results from its prospective, blinded at-home obstructive sleep apnoea study.

ResApp’s algorithms, which analyse a person’s breathing and snoring sounds recorded using a smartphone, were able to accurately identify obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) when compared to a simultaneous at-home comprehensive sleep study.

ResApp says it has achieved excellent performance previously during our in-laboratory sleep studies and it is great to see the same high levels of performance replicated in its intended use setting, in peoples’ homes.

Sleep apnoea affects nearly one billion people and 80 per cent of those with moderate or severe sleep apnoea remain undiagnosed. ResApp says by delivering a highly scalable, low cost smartphone app for OSA screening it has a huge opportunity to reduce the health and economic impact of undiagnosed OSA.

Shares in ResApp (ASX:RAP) are trading 9.1 per cent higher at $0.24.