JB Hi-Fi predict FY20 sales at $7.25 billion

Company News

by Rachael Jones

JB Hi-Fi (ASX:JBH) released their annual report today showing statutory NPAT of $249.8 million, that's 7.1 per cent of underlying growth.

Sales for the year stand at $7.10 billion, underlying growth of 3.5 per cent.

In FY20 the Group expects total group sales to be around $7.25 billion, comprising, $4.84 billion from JB Hi-Fi Australia, $0.24 billion NZ from JB Hi-Fi New Zealand and The Good Guys $2.18 billion.

JB Hi-Fi Limited and its subsidiaries comprise two leading retail brands, the first with a focus on technology and consumer electronics and The Good Guys with a focus on home appliances and consumer electronics.

Shares in JB Hi-Fi (ASX:JBH) are trading 0.97 per cent higher at $34.32.