Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) to commence mining at Taronga


by Jessica Amir

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Aus Tin Mining Limited (ASX:ANW) CEO, Peter Williams discusses the appointment of a mining and civil contractor at the company's Taronga Tin Project and the acquisition of a crusher for the company's Granville project.

Jessica Amir: Thank you for tuning in to the Finance News Network. I'm Jessica Amir, and with us today from Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) is CEO Peter Williams, who's in Brissie, or Brisbane at the moment. Peter, welcome back.

Peter Williams: Thanks Jessica.

Jessica Amir: Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) has just announced the appointment of a mining and civil contractor for initial mining at your Taronga Tin Project here in New South Wales. Could you just give us a brief update on the project, and also just tell us what the objectives are of the initial mining?

Peter Williams: I'd be delighted to, Jessica. This is a really important milestone for us. We're looking to undertake the first work at Taronga since basically Newmont owned the project in the 1980s. The plan is to undertake an initial mine of about 50,000 tonnes of material, crush that material, and undertake a reconciliation, and also obtain some samples for some additional metallurgical test work.

The objective of this work really is to give us that provisional metal balance, and give us a sense as to that potential upside that we're looking for with this project, but also an opportunity just to evaluate or finalise the processing route. And including whether we include ore sorting for the full stage-one project.

Jessica Amir: Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) also announced the purchase of a crusher at your Granville mine in East Tasmania. Would you mind just providing some background and tell us what this means for the project?

Peter Williams: It's actually been a little bit of a frustrating process trying to secure a crushing contractor for the project. We've decided that it was important that we move forward with our own crushing plant. We made the initial payment earlier this week. We're going through a refurbishment process. That'll take three or four weeks, and then we'll be looking to mobilise that crusher to site.

Now, what does that mean? I guess it means that for the first time we'll be able to actually crush the skarn ore that's in the pit to the size that we had planned to. Then that will allow us to increase the production rate at the mine. I guess the other key benefit will be that we'll be able to change the way that we approach the project, so rather than having to mine significant tonnages, build up stockpiles, and then campaign crush it, we'll actually be able to crush it on a progressive basis. That will make the operation a lot more flexible as far as how we mine, and then how we process. A good outcome. As I say, it has been frustrating getting to this point, we'd have to acknowledge.

Jessica Amir: Just last thing, Peter, before we let you go, is there anything else you wanted to add today?

Peter Williams: The first half of 2019, there was some frustrations, I've mentioned just before, around Granville. I think we're looking forward to a really exciting second half for 2019 with the developments and the commencement of mining at Taronga, obviously the ramp up of production at Granville, and still we maintain a really exciting portfolio of exploration projects that we'll continue to work on.

Jessica Amir: Well, Peter Williams, congratulations on the announcements, and thank you so much for your time.

Peter Williams: Thanks Jessica. I appreciated that.


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