MMJ Group Holdings (ASX:MMJ) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, May 2019, Sydney

Company Presentations

MMJ Group Holdings Limited (ASX:MMJ) CFO, Jim Hallam presents on the company's cannabis investments, how MMJ sources early stage opportunities, its connections in Canada and realising value at FNN's Investor Event.

Key points:

  • MMJ is the premier publicly-listed cannabis investment vehicle in Australia
  • Net returns: 44% financial year to date, 32% over quarter to 30 April 2019 & 7% over month
  • MMJ has a proven record acquiring and realising considerable value from cannabis-related investments
  • MMJ owns a portfolio of minority investments and aims to invest across the full range of emerging cannabis-related sectors including healthcare, technology, infrastructure, logistics, processing, cultivation, equipment and retail
  • It owns 11 investments (77% of which is publicly listed and 95% located in Canada - the most attractive cannabis market accessible to Australian investors)
  • MMJ's share price trades at a significant discount to net asset value

For more, watch CFO Jim Hallam present.