ClearVue Technologies (ASX:CPV) Warwick Grove Shopping Centre installation


by Rachael Jones

ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX:CPV) Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg provides an update on the company's first shopping centre installation, the atrium at Vicinity’s Warwick Grove Shopping Centre in Perth.

Rachael Jones: Hello, I'm Rachael Jones, for the Finance News Network. Joining me now from Perth is ClearVueTechnologies (ASX:CPV) executive chairman, Victor Rosenberg. Victor, welcome back to FNN.

Victor Rosenberg: Thanks Rachael. Good to be back with you again.

Rachael Jones: Now first up, Victor, can we start with an update on the trial installation you have at Warwick Grove shopping centre, over there in Perth?

Victor Rosenberg: Absolutely. I have to tell you that we're extremely thrilled and excited at the outcome. The whole unit, the atrium is performing as was expected now, and I want to thank Vicinity (ASX:VCX) once again for giving us the opportunity to use that atrium as our first experiment. It's helped us enormously in terms of the electrics, particularly, where the electrical contractors have gained a lot of information and knowledge as how to connect so many panels together, and connect it of course to the inverters and the batteries without any problems. That's really a major win for us, and that experience will give us the confidence to now take on the big buildings, or many, many hundreds or thousands of square meters.

Rachael Jones: Victor, there's a lot of interest in smart cities. What does this encompass?

Victor Rosenberg: The smart city concept is valued at about $2.57 trillion over the next six years. We are well-positioned to actually move into that space. We have now produced, or are busy producing and going to start producing samples, in fact, of our smart city window, which will also become a smart city façade. It will have the ability, of course, to make the people actually working within the building extremely comfortable. If they're comfortable, the productivity, of course, is increased. We will be able to monitor the carbon dioxide levels, light levels, heat levels, and we will be able to control all those different elements using of course sensors, controlling the light with blinds, and whatever electro crony, cutting out the light altogether. They will actually act like a real smart façade, where they will recognise the likes and dislikes of the worker.

Rachael Jones: And what does this mean for ClearVue? How are you looking to get involved?

Victor Rosenberg: Well, I've started already discussions with Arup. Arup is a global, a major engineering company that of course does work for, I think, for most of the construction companies. I'm working with them very closely in terms of incorporating all the smarts into the window. And the other major benefit here is that the costs associated with our product will reduce the cost of the construction of the building by numbers of up to $1,000 or more because there is no cabling and no electrical contractors involved in actually connecting and wiring it up. Our product arrives fully connected and wired up.

Rachael Jones: And last question Victor, is there anything else that you'd like to add?

Victor Rosenberg: I would just like to mention that we were very fortunate to have done an interview, on fact, it was with WA news, and that was to support Damon Gameau, his latest movie called 2040. He's just made a movie, I'm sure you might have seen it, called That Sugar Film, which has had a good run. We are featured in this interview to support the film 2040. In fact, Damon himself mentions that he says he measured if all your windows are solar glass, which in fact should be the standard for all new homes.

Rachael Jones: Victor Rosenberg, thanks for the update.

Victor Rosenberg: It's a pleasure, Rachael. Thank you very much.