Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, May 2019, Sydney

Company Presentations

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:TLX) CEO, Dr Christian Behrenbruch discusses the company’s development pipeline and the benefit of diagnostic and therapeutic products to deliver correct doses.

Key points:

  • Founded in 2015 by experienced nuclear medicine executives
  • Develops diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
  • Specialises in metastatic prostate cancer, renal cell cancer, brain cancer
  • Early revenue generation from prostate cancer imaging product
  • Prostate cancer radionuclide therapy is $2b opportunity
  • Renal cancer patients are often mis-staged, a niche $250m opportunity
  • The treatment of GBM is a $300m market opportunity

For more, watch CEO Dr Christian Behrenbruch present at FNN's Investor Event.