Redbubble receives federal court decision in hells angels case

Company News

by Anna Napoli

Online global marketplace company, Redbubble (ASX:RBL) has updated the market on the Federal Court of Australia's decision in the copyright, trademark and consumer law proceedings brought in 2015 by Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation Australia.

Last Friday, the Federal Court Judge found in Redbubble’s favour and dismissed all of Hells Angels’ claims in relation to the copyright and consumer law causes of action.

However, the Judge did make findings of technical trademark infringement, awarding nominal damages of $5,000 whilst declining to award exemplary damages.

Redbubble will consider its position in relation to a possible appeal once final orders have been made.

This is the second Australian court case involving Redbubble. The first case, the Federal Court decision of December
2017 in The Pokemon Company International, Inc. v Redbubble Ltd, is currently under appeal to the Full Federal Court.

Redbubble says neither case has resulted in a material financial or operational impact.

Shares in Redbubble (ASX:RBL) closed 3.29 per cent lower to $1.03.