MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, 21 November 2018, Melbourne

Company Presentations

Mark Fortunatow, CEO of telecommunications tech company MGM Wireless Limited (ASX:MWR), talks about new products, results and strategy at FNN’s Investor Event.

Key points:

  • Listed in 2003
  • AUD$58.4 million market capitalisation
  • Trading at all-time highs this month
  • First kids smartwatch to be a commercial success outside of China and Korea
  • Sales distribution through major retailers including JB Hi Fi, Spark, Leading Edge Computers and Spacetalk
  • 8,600 units sold in first 12 months totaling 1.93 million in sales
  • Now in 270+ stores
  • Expecting to see increase in sales over Christmas and in the back to school period
  • Paid dividends for three years

For more, watch the CEO, Mark Fortunatow, present.