PVW Resources NL (ASX:PVW) to list on ASX


by Jessica Amir

PVW Resources NL Limited (ASX:PVW) Managing Director and CEO, Aaron Maurer and Chairman, Colin McCavana talk about the company's gold exploration projects, timelines, strategy and IPO.

Jessica Amir: Hello I’m Jessica Amir for the Finance News Network. With me today from PVW Resources NL (ASX:PVW) is CEO and Managing Director, Aaron Maurer and the Chairman, Colin McCavana. Gentlemen, welcome.

Aaron Maurer: Thank you.

Colin McCavana: Thank you Jessica.

Jessica Amir: First up could you give us an introduction to the company, for those who haven’t heard of it before?

Aaron Maurer: We’re excited to share PVW Resources. We’re a WA based gold exploration company. We’ve got assets in all the traditional gold provinces of Western Australia, in Kalgoorlie, Leonora and the Tanami. It’s a real privilege to work with the Board that I have. I’ve got - we spoke about Colin McCavana. He’s our Chair. He’s got 35 years experience. He’s worked all over the world. He’s brought multiple companies into an IPO and from exploration to production.

Also got Mike Griffiths who’s the geologist of the team. He’s uncovered to feasibility, millions of ounces of gold and actually has two million ounces in production as we speak.Mark Scolaro, he’s our finance expert on the team and he’s got a lot of public and tax reporting expertise. He incorporated the company back in February this year. And myself as the Managing Director and CEO, I’ve been in operational roles around Australia and in Europe, for the last 20 years.

Jessica Amir: Brilliant, thanks Aaron. Over to you Colin. Maybe you can tell us about your strategy?

Colin McCavana: Our strategy with PVW is to fast track our Mt Clifford project into production as early as possible. Mt Clifford is a very unique project. It has gold available, we know it’s there. We’ve seen it and we can touch it, and that is a unique opportunity for a gold explorer. In addition to that we’ve got ground up in the Tanami, which is well sought after. There are lots of companies currently looking to peg ground up there, and carrying out exploration. So we see that as our secondary project.We also have some significant ground in the Kalgoorlie area, which is probably the most recognised gold province in the world. And we think that with modern exploration, we’ll be able to prove up a discovery in that area as well.

Jessica Amir: Thanks Colin, back to you Aaron. Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about your key project?

Aaron Maurer: Mt Clifford is our key project and we’re going to go out there and start drilling, as soon as we can in February next year. And the reason for that and the reason we talk about being so advanced is, there’s just the gold that we can physically touch. I’ve visited the location myself, I’ve seen it. It truly is amazing. There’s a lot of historic data that we can collect from the area. It’s got two mining leases on the area, which also helps us fast track to developing a resource really quickly. And as Colin mentioned, taking it to first cash flow as fast as we can. So the timeframe really is fast and that’s in line with what we’ve done already, this year.

Jessica Amir: Thanks Aaron. Maybe you can tell us about your two other projects and the plan for those as well?

Aaron Maurer: We’re just as excited about going up to the Tanami as well. We’re really quickly going up there to keep the good news flow coming. We’ve got a great land package up there; it’s our biggest land package. We’ve got some great targets we’ve already found up there. We’ve got some great neighbours, we’ve got Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM) Callie Mine right on our doorstep. We’ve got Northern Star Resources (ASX:NST) up there, we’ve got St Barbara (ASX:SBM) and we’re right in the middle of all this, doing our own thing as well.

The other project to round this out is in the Kalgoorlie region; it’s called Gordon Sirdar. We’ve picked up a nice package there, again with some great neighbours,around Paddington, Kanowna Belle. It really is just an amazing part of the country to do exploration and production.

Jessica Amir: Thanks Aaron, now over to you Colin, touching on the IPO. How much are you looking to raise and how will the funds be used?

Colin McCavana: All of the funds will be used for exploration on our three project areas. Initially we’ll be doing definition drilling at the Mt Clifford Project. Later in the year, we’ll follow on with exploration drilling at the Tanami Project. And we’ll be doing basic exploration work on the Gordon Sirdar Project, out of Kalgoorlie.

Jessica Amir: Thanks Colin, so what are the key dates and how do people get involved?

Colin McCavana: We hope to close the raising off at the end of this month, and we hope to be listed by the 14th of December. People can get our information off our website, the prospectus is available on a link at our website. They can contact our lead broker, AUS Financial Group, or they can contact their own broker who should be able to provide the information to them.

Jessica Amir: Thanks Colin and lastly over to you Aaron. Why should people consider investing in this IPO?

Aaron Maurer: It really is a great investment. Our strategy is really key and it’s simple. We’ve got a proven team, we’ve got proven assets, we’ve got a great Mt Clifford asset. It’s advanced. We’ve got visible gold and we’ve got the ability to fast track to production, with great top 200 listed companies as our neighbours.

Jessica Amir: Aaron Maurer, Colin McCavana, thank you so much for the introduction and good luck with the IPO.

Aaron Maurer: Thank you.

Colin McCavana: Thanks Jessica.


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