Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, November 2018, Sydney

Company Presentations

Mach7 Technologies Limited (ASX:M7T) Managing Director and CEO, Mike Jackman presents on the company's enterprise imaging solutions for the healthcare sector, the size of the market and how its solution delivers better patient outcomes at FNN's Investor Event.

Key points:

  • Healthcare IT (HIT) Cloud SaaS software platform
  • Specialises in enterprise, diagnostic, connected health and AI solutions
  • Connects healthcare providers and aggregates medical records
  • The last 15 months has seen its addressable market increase significantly
  • Healthcare customers need to reduce cost and improve efficiencies
  • Helping reduce malpractice claims
  • Reducing the number of lost records

For more, watch Managing Director and CEO Mike Jackman present.